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euroShell Card - For business refuelling across Europe


Whichever fuel card suits your needs in the UK, for pan-European refuelling it has to be euroShell, Europe's leading fuel card. With a great network of Shell stations, from road toll payments to tax refunds, Shell will help keep your business moving. At the same time, Shell offers you a customisable and secure payment method and individual customer service.

Network - 24,000 sites in 35 european countries

*NEW* Now accepted at Smart Diesel forecourts in Romania.
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Shell has developed a range of fuels, designed to help transport companies reduce fuel consumption, emissions and maintenance costs.

Find out about our management Information products, view your invoices online, use our convenient online forms for your card and account management.

Shell's fuel management solution for commercial road transport companies can help Fleet Managers reduce fuel related costs. Find out more